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WIMBC welcomes its new President, Susan Neale

April 15, 2020

Over the last couple of months, WIMBC has been welcoming a new President. Taking the reins over from Mona Forster, Susan Neale is joining us with over 20 years of experience in the resource sector as Chief Financial Officer for various domestic and international public junior exploration to mid capped development and producing companies. She began her career working at Viceroy Resource Corporation with mines in production in North America and Australia. Most recently, she held the CFO position at IDM Mining Ltd that combined with Ascot Resources Ltd in 2019. 

Susan also has experience in the not-for-profit world, serving on the board of the Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra. She believes it is important to give back to her community – professionally and personally – and admits that she is not done yet. Change is happening and diversity is playing an important role in the resource sector and making a positive contribution to sustainable development. The industry is filled with exciting opportunities, numerous challenges, unpredictable markets and some of the finest people that you will meet.

We connected with her earlier this week to ask her a few questions as she comes on board WIMBC.


Q&A with WIMBC’s new President and Board Chair, Susan Neale

Q. Welcome to WIMBC! What drew you to want to work with WIMBC?

A. Thank you. What drew me to WIMBC is the great work it has been doing for women and the industry. I have been in the sector for many years and have attended many WIMBC events. The events have been informative, provided exposure to different areas within the mining sector and an avenue to meet new people. The sector has been good to me in many ways, it is changing for the better and I want to give back.

Q. What would you like to accomplish at WIMBC?

A. I would like to see a shift in the discussion around diversity and inclusion in mining to be more than just about gender.

Q. What will you bring to WIMBC?

A. I want to bring my passion for the sector, years of past experience, desire to give back and my alignment with Women in Mining’s vision to see a future where the possibilities, opportunities and dreams are the same for all, regardless of gender.

Q. What are we doing well, and where is there opportunity to grow?

A. WIMBC has been a great avenue for young women in mining to connect and gain exposure to different areas in the mining sector. Opportunities to grow include the continual development of tools and programs that facilitate the increased attraction, retention and advancement of women in the mining industry.

Q. Why are you passionate about what we do?

A. I’m passionate about what WIMBC is doing as a result of the change that is happening in the mining sector that is still a “so-called male-dominated sector”. There is a generation of women set to play an important role in the mining industry.