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June 2020 - A Message from the WIMBC Team

June 17, 2020


WIMBC was formed to provide a place for women in the mining industry to come together and share experiences, no matter their position or contribution. Our aim is to shine a spotlight on the women who are changing the face of mining and to help young women see that there is a place for themselves to thrive and succeed in our industry.

Recently, that view has begun to widen to include all groups that have felt that there was no space for them; for indigenous people, people of colour, new Canadians, people with disabilities and the LGBTQ+ community. 

On May 25, 2020, the tragic death of George Floyd ignited the #BlackLivesMatter movement as mass uprisings and protests filled the streets of America, Canada and around the globe against racial injustice. 

In the midst of a global pandemic, this has been a deeply impactful moment where we all are personally reflecting on our own responsibility in eradicating injustice and racism. In our roles at WIMBC, we are looking at our organization and how we can best influence the mining industry to acknowledge past and current inequities and support organizations and individuals in their efforts to create mining workspaces that foster inclusion.  

In the last few months, the WIMBC Executive and Board have been working through a strategic planning process and have been having a number of discussions around what we at WIMBC want to accomplish.

We want our members to know that we are committed to having real conversations about how we show up for you and the mining industry. We are committed to continue to empower diverse voices and celebrate those who are making an effort to progress this industry towards equity, open-mindedness and inclusion.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be working on our programs and plans for 2021 and 2022, and seeking out both topics and new voices to share their expertise and experiences.

We also invite you to share your thoughts and ideas with us. You can email us privately at info@wimbc.ca or comment on this post on our Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter pages. 

We will also be posting additional learning resources and donation opportunities on our social media challenges, linked above.

Thank you, 

Mona Forster, WIMBC Board Chair, &
Susan Neale, WIMBC President

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