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Greater Vancouver Mining Women’s Association (GVMWA)

Presidents Message:

The Greater Vancouver Mining Women’s Association was formed in 1975 as a fellowship group for spouses of people connected with the mining industry. By 1977 it had evolved into an organization with a mandate to raise public awareness of mining through education. Since then, the Greater Vancouver Mining Women’s Association (GVMWA) has operated as a non-profit organization registered under the Societies Act of British Columbia. It brings women together who are involved with the mining industry.

The members have raised a considerable amount of money over the years allowing the GVMWA to finance scholarships at the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and the British Columbia Institute of Technology to assist women in mining related studies. We also support the minerals education program (MineralsEd www.mineralsed.ca ) in public schools by subsidizing bus trips to the Mining Museum at Britannia Beach, contributing to teacher education and the purchase of mineral kits for schools. Additionally, we provide an award for the best mining related project at the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair.

The members of the GVMWA are great ambassadors for the mining community. They actively participate in selling raffle tickets for the Mining for Miracles project which raises money for BC Children’s Hospital.

On behalf of the members and Executive we welcome women who have any connection to the mining industry no matter how remote that connection may be. If you would like to join our organization, please contact us via email.

About Us


The Greater Vancouver Mining Women’s Association (GVMWA) has operated as a non-profit organization since 1977. It brings women together who are interested in and involved with the mining industry, either directly or indirectly, and from both industry and supply sector, e.g. family background, spouse, career path, or general interest.

The objectives of the GVMWA are:

  • To provide fellowship and enjoyment for members
  • To raise awareness of mining as a necessary part of society through youth education in our schools
  • To encourage women to pursue mining careers
  • To provide voluntary support at mining related industry functions such as AME BC RoundUp selling raffle tickets for the Mining for Miracles Campaign


From September to June, members meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Activities include luncheons, guest speakers, concerts, theatre tours, dinners and more. The events are organized by the GVMWA programming committee and members are notified through “The Drift”, a monthly newsletter.

Some of the events are fundraisers and proceeds are distributed as follows:

  • Bursaries, to female students studying Geoscience
  • MineralsEd Program of BC Schools
  • Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair

Within the GVMWA smaller interest groups include book clubs and walking groups and new participants are welcome.

We welcome new members and invite you to join us at our next meeting.   Combined energies and vision keep an organization strong.

Details of Events

April 19, 2023 Wednesday: Special Information Gathering and Celebration Visit to Britannia Mines Museum

Britannia Mine Museum has always had a special meaning for the members of the GVMWA, who long ago recognized Britannia’s value. The Mine Museum has provided school groups a unique experience in learning about and appreciating the important role of mining in the past and in our present life.

The original goal of GVMWA was to encourage and support school groups to visit by donating grants for bus travel.  Over the years and until COVID, GVMWA has donated over $94,000 to Britannia for that purpose.

Now it is our opportunity to travel there and learn about the recent upgrades to facilities and new educational programs.  All members, partners, and guests are warmly invited by the staff to come and a “tailor-made” program has been designed just for us!

COST: none
DATE and TIME: Wednesday, April 19th, tentatively 10 am – noon
LUNCH: to follow, probably at one of the Café’s at Britannia Beach

PURPOSE:  This tour is designed to update our understanding of what Britannia offers students, which will help us to better assess what “next steps” we should take with our limited funds and continued sponsorship of school programs at Britannia.

At our upcoming AGM, the budget for Education funding is to be discussed. As Britannia receives the greatest portion of our funding, but we have not donated in the past few years, it will be on the agenda.

Finally, this is 100th anniversary of the iconic Mill No.3 at Britannia and a great way to help celebrate that occasion and the continued importance of Britannia in education about mining!


  • A BOOM! Show at the new multi-media theatre
  • Time in one of the classrooms to see demonstrations from some of the most popular school programs, with particular interest in seeing some of the recent changes
  • Time for some questions and answers
  • Follow up with lunch – place to be determined


For those interested and/or interested in attending, more information can be sent to you. This includes details on the present programming, funding, and the questions that we have compiled so far.  Just let Wanda know and she will contact you and send it along. More input is welcomed!  The goal is to send some of the questions to the staff prior to the tour so that they can answer and also to be sure that they include the programs about which we have questions.

SIGN UP:  We are limited to 30 participants as that is the number that the theatre can hold and it would be wonderful to have a “full house” and it should be a fun time! Contact Wanda Pickell



ATTENDING PLEASE CONTACT WANDA BEFORE MARCH 30TH to provide numbers and final details for Britannia staff and to receive input from interested members.

May 9, 2023 AGM – save the date
Details to follow


The Drift

The Drift is our Monthly Newsletter informing us of news and upcoming events in our organization.


Click to view the March 2023 Drift.