About Us

Who We Are

WIMBC is one of many similar organizations around the world that provides women in the industry with a way to connect with others, share knowledge and experiences, and build relationships that encourage growth and diversity. We also believe in participating in the community and raising awareness about the causes we care about.

We are often asked, “Why do we need an organization for women in mining?” Women have encountered common issues and concerns over the years, which have prompted the formation of these many organizations. In recent times, organizations such as WIM (UK) and WIM Canada have published reports on how the mining industry can do more to attract, retain and advance the careers of women in the industry. WIMBC is taking an active role in sharing these findings so we can move past problem identification to actions that will benefit the industry in the long run.

Taking action requires involvement from all members of the mining community. Men and women of the industry must work together to implement the strategies that have been identified.

Join us, bring your voice and help us all do better.